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Who we are

Capscrib is a scouting organization looking for writers who can evoke feeling, passion, and class through written text. Located in three different countries, we are the new wave of written content creators, taking over the entertainment world, one celebrity at a time.

With the trust of over 6 million readers all over the world, we are responsible for providing healthy, responsible, and interesting content for our millions of readers. We shape the online conversation, and you will too.


What You Get

From improving your writing skills to an exceptional creative thinking leap, you will be surprised by the strides you will take beyond the skills you bring to the table.

An amazing pay structure, complete autonomy to choose your own time, and never having to leave the comfort of your home is what we are offering. There is no better offer you can find within the borders of Nepal.

Writing thousands of words a week, you get to enjoy your thoughts take on a life of their own.




We are pooling knowledge from three different countries, employing people with raw potentials and molding them into polished auteurs of the written word.

Our organizational goal is to create writers that can fit within any native English language websites’ requirements, within the entertainment world.

pooling knowledge from three different countries!




Our vetting process is rigorous and the interview is equally tough. But the end target is to find the right people and provide them with an opportunity to express their love for Western media while getting paid to do what they only took as enjoyment.

We want you to bring your knowledge and an attitude to learn. In return we will teach you things we’ve accumulated over a decade of learning, things we wish someone had taught us from the start.

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Before you start....

During the sign up process, you will need to write two lenghthy content:

Complete the task and come back again, or if you think you can do it in one-sitting, go ahead...